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About O3Spaces B.V.

O³Spaces B.V. is an established Dutch software company dedicated to delivering powerful, easy to use, software solutions.

O3Spaces is a leading provider of state-of-the-art document solutions. O3Spaces delivers highly user-friendly end-to-end solutions for document creation, collaboration, and document management. Since its incorporation in 2006, O3Spaces has built a solid track record with an impressive global customer base, and a continuous stream of innovative document solutions. O3Spaces is headquartered in Gouda, the Netherlands.
O3Spaces’ product portfolio consists of Composer. Composer is cloud-enabled and integrates seamlessly in any IT landscape.



Company background

O3Spaces has taken a well plotted course in developing its products. In the fall of 2005 we approached different leading international industry professionals and presented our proof-of-concept as a validation of our development roadmap. With our confidence levels up, we then went to market in the fall of 2006. O3Spaces has since seen fast worldwide adoption and an impressive customer base. Over the past years we've closely monitored customer feedback and suggestions. With this in mind we've steadily developed new features and extensions that enable O3Spaces to provide compelling solutions that are easily tailored to address the particular needs of organizations within specific verticals. From the outset O3Spaces has adhered to its 'user centric' approach. True to this philosophy we can now support and optimize document centric processes in a single intuitive, secure environment, providing high value click-and-run solutions for our customers.