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Document handling: Managing Meta Data

June 05, 2011

Document management systems can greatly enrich the collection of documents available in an organization. Next to full content search capabilities, labels (tags), and general metadata are particularly useful in creating cross-sections in the repository and correlating documents.

In order to be able to use the full potential that a document repository offers, a DMS implementation should be based on a context relevant meta-model. This meta-model contains all metadata and attributes relevant within the implementation context.

Of course you will get the most out of your enriched documents if no documents get left behind. This means that regardless of the work routine, entry point and tools used, the DMS should provide effective means of implementing your metadata strategy.

Considering all of this a practical question remains: How to apply metadata and attributes to documents, while limiting the burden posed on the end-users?

O3Spaces Workplace offers a number of intuitive ways to address this challenge. Two will be illustrated here by example.

An intuitive setup can be created in which a folder structure doubles as a main classification structure, e.g. consisting of folders for Invoices, Project Plans, Presentations, etc. The O3Spaces Rules system is then able to set labels or attributes, classifying the contents of a folder or folder structure accordingly. In this scenario a document uploaded to the ‘Invoices’ folder in the ‘Procurement’ workspace would receive the labels ‘Procurement’ and ‘Invoice’, and could possibly have an expiration date set.

For documents created ‘in house’ O3Spaces Template Management & Document Generation provides the framework for structured metadata attribution to documents. As part of the standardized document building blocks, mandatory setting of document attributes becomes an integral part of the document creation and filing process.

The value of metadata needs to be balanced against the efforts required by the end users to consistently apply the metadata. This is a particularly important consideration in achieving a high level of adoption for your document management initiatives. O3Spaces delivers functionality that seamlessly integrates metadata application in daily work routines, from all angles.


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