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O3Spaces Summer Showcase: Sunny document management

July 26, 2010

Summer time..... a time to relax, kick back and enjoy the weather, and yet business continues almost as usual. Still there's a subtle difference. During summer time you may find the time to check out new and exciting developments and allocate some time to try out new technology. In order to accommodate this 'exploration time' with a sunny context, O3Spaces has composed a special Summer Showcase virtual appliance.

This special Summer Showcase Vmware appliance is available from a special website, where one can download a pre-configured virtual machine that will let you get acquainted with O3Spaces Workplace and all its latest and greatest features in the sunny context of a business use case.

The Summer Showcase will let you try all O3Spaces features and discover O3Spaces' benefits in the context of concrete use-cases. No time is wasted on installation and configuration efforts, and all new Workplace features are included and pre-configured. The O3Spaces Summer Showcase is actively supported by local O3Spaces partners. These partners (listed on the summer showcase website) will be available to actively support testers during the testing period.

The O3Spaces Workplace Summer Showcase is available at http://summershowcase.o3spaces.com.

O3Spaces' current Workplace 3.2.2 release again sports a number of novelties such as Zimbra ZCS 6 integration, CMIS support, OpenSearch enhancements and new online document viewing features.


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