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O3Spaces introduces Workplace 3.1

December 22, 2009

With the release of Workplace 3.1, O3Spaces further extends Workplace, while focusing on delivering scalable document solutions. Next to the well-known collaboration and document sharing features, Workplace is now more than ever geared towards support for document processes. O3Spaces Workplace presently supports organizations with document management, document processing and document generation solutions that are intuitive, robust, scalable and customizable.

New in Workplace 3.1

Many features for enhanced team productivity and information discovery have been extended. Furthermore, the Workplace Assistant (WPA) has lost weight and gained speed. The WPA now also lets you associate your favorite desktop programs with specific file-types.Workplace also offers new support for case & contract management, and dossiers.Other new features include, a.o.: Enhanced Custom Spacelets, Hide WPA tray icon, Studio repository browser - a powerful admin-tool.

Document processing solutions

Scanning & Digitization
Adds time-saving, real-time scanning and digitization features. Documents can be directly stored and labeled into Workplace.

E-mail Archiving
E-mail Archiving integrates one of your primary communication tools into your central document repository. It helps you meet the compliance requirements of your organization and its projects and processes.

Rule-based Document Processing
Rule-based Document Processing adds document conversion and document flow automation to the Workplace repository. Time- and rule-based triggers, streamline compliance certification, contract management and review processes.

Template Management & Document Generation
Template Management & Document Generation offers state-of-the-art templating functionality directly integrated in your office productivity suite. It lets you centralize and control the creation, modification, and distribution of personalized templates.

The latest O3Spaces Workplace release, version 3.0, is available in two commercial editions.

  • The Express Edition is an out-of-the-box document management solution for departments, workgroups and SMB's.
  • The Enterprise Edition is the extensible full-featured content management server for customers looking to refine their document management environment and streamline their document-centric business processes.

Both editions are available as traditional 'on-premises' installations and through the O3Spaces On-Demand service (SAAS).O3Spaces Workplace 3.0 is available for evaluation at http://trial.o3spaces.com.


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