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O3spaces Enterprise document management as integrated part of the daily work environment

April 27, 2009

The municipality of GrooteGast (NL) switches to OpenOffice.org and transforms OpenOffice.org into an enterprise application with O3Spaces Workplace.By implementing O3spaces workplace, including the integrated template management extension, the municipality of Grootegast can now benefit from document management, collaboration, template management as an integrated part of their OpenOffice.org based daily work environment.

The problem the municipality of Grootegast encountered in their office environment was the lack of integrated enterprise features, such as integrated template management, document management, collaboration and versioning. A very important criteria in searching for a solution covering this functionality was the tight integration in their office productivity environment OpenOffice.org.

By migrating from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org the municipality of Grootegast had to take their document management and productivity environment to a higher level, so that the migration would not be perceived as a mere replacement but as a genuine improvement. The addition of O3Spaces Workplace and its template management did the trick. As a result the OpenOffice.org user doesn’t need to leave the OpenOffice.org application or start another application. This effectively eliminates the borders between template management and document collaboration for teams, projects and departments. With O3Spaces Workplace the municipality of Grootegast has found the combination of document management, collaboration, template management and OpenOffice.org they were searching for.

About the municipality of GrooteGast

The municipality of Grootegast is situated in the north of the Netherlands in the province Groningen.

O3Spaces Workplace is available in four editions;

  • the free-to-use Community Edition,
  • the fully supported Professional Edition,
  • the full-featured, and fully supported Enterprise Edition
  • the no hassle 'Software As A Service' On-Demand Edition
The O3Spaces Workplace Community Edition is available for download from the O3Spaces community website and at: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/.


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